SyncMate 3.1 is Here! iPhone, iPad, iPod, Dropbox account sync added!

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14 Jun 2011, 09:01

SyncMate 3.1 is here!

Hey everyone, today I’m happy to let you know that we’ve released the new update of SyncMate 3 – SyncMate 3.1 is here and ready for download! Though it is a minor update, new version offers you valuable options which are worth your attention.

New SyncMate 3.1 offers

First of all, we have added more devices to be synced with your Mac. After we announced Android support back in January, probably the most frequently asked question was “When are you going to add iPhone sync support?” And here is our reply – iPhone sync is now added! All SyncMate users can easily sync their precious iPhones with Macs with SyncMate 3.1!

Moreover, all iOS running devices are now supported. Whether you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – all of them can be synced with your Mac if you have SyncMate installed! (SyncMate is compatible with iOS 3 and iOS 4 running devices).

And here’s the major bonus of adding iOS devices sync support. The quantity of connected and synced iOS running devices with your Mac (or Macs) is unlimited! Doesn’t matter how many Macs or iOS running devices you own, with SyncMate all of them will be synced!

As for the sync options offered for these devices, SyncMate will sync contacts and calendars for free. To unlock additional plugins you will need to upgrade to Expert edition. Expert edition lets you sync images, music, videos, Safari bookmarks, folders, Stickies, Entourage and Mail notes. Of course, you can sync data automatically with SyncMate Expert.

Additional options for iPhones are the possibility to view SMS messages and calls history on Mac. You can mount any iOS running device as a Mac disk and browse its content on computer.

One more device you now can sync with your Mac is iPod Nano (tested with 3rd and 5th generations)! SyncMate Expert will sync images, music, videos and folders between your Mac and iPod Nano. You can also back up iPod data on Mac and restore it when required; autosync option is also available for iPod Nano.

But that’s not all! We’ve also added the possibility of syncing data between your Dropbox account and Mac! We hope you’ll like it, because SyncMate is probably the only tool which can sync contacts and calendars between your Mac and Dropbox account in a few clicks!

Users of SyncMate 3.1 can also sync music, images, videos, folders, Entourage and Mail notes, Safari bookmarks and To Dos between Mac and Dropbox account with Expert edition; autosync option is available.

We’ve also improved iTunes plugin and now it is possible to manage and sync playlists (read details here).

We’ve also enhanced mounted devices sync. Unlike SyncMate 3, which offered USB flash drive sync only, SyncMate 3.1 allows you to sync data between your Mac and any mounted storage device – Mac partition, portable USB storage, any locally connected disk, devices connected via FireWire, etc. SyncMate Expert will sync media files and folders on Mac with any mounted device!

This is by far not the full list of all options added. Detailed list of SyncMate 3.1 novelties can be found here.

This upgrade is absolutely FREE for all SyncMate 3 users. All registered users of SyncMate 1.x and 2.x can upgrade twice cheaper – request your upgrade discount here.

We are constantly improving SyncMate so if there are any comments, questions or suggestions, please, feel free to comment here – we love to hear from you!

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