SyncMate Tips. Issue #3. Syncing with online storages

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09 Dec 2011, 10:10

iCloud & SM

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Connect online storage as a mounted device

Yes, it is possible. If the online storage  uses WebDAV protocol, your account in this storage can be mounted to your Mac as a disk and you can browse its content on Mac, not even logging in to it in web browser.

All you need to do is enter the link to your account in Finder and it will appear as the additional Mac disk that can be synced with SyncMate (choose Mounted storage device connection in SyncMate wizard).

Sync online storages with supported devices

With SyncMate you can sync data in any supported device with online storage you are currently using (even if it is not yet supported by SyncMate).

Note: this trick is possible only if online storage creates a folder on your Mac, like Dropbox for example. You will only need to pick this folder in Folders plugin and sync it with any folder on supported device.

Of course, this option is valid for Folders sync only and for the devices that support folders sync option.

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