SyncMate tips. Issue #4. Syncing SOHO Organizer with Android, Win, etc

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10 Apr 2012, 12:39

iCloud & SM

Those of you who don’t like built-in Address Book or iCal on Mac OS X have probably looked for their alternatives. SOHO Organizer is one of them. It is nice and user-friendly, but it cannot sync data with your Android phone or Google account, for example.

So if you are one of those Mac users who use SOHO Organizer instead of iCal and Address Book (or only looking for their replacement), here is how you can sync data in SOHO Organizer with multiple devices.

Let’s take Android phone as an example.

Step 1. You will need to install SOHO Organizer on your Mac.

Step 2. Enable data sync between SOHO Organizer and your Mac.


– Launch SOHO Organizer.

– Go to “Preferences”.

– Choose “Sync” tab and check “Contacts” or “Calendars” boxes.

Now your contacts and calendars will be synced from SOHO Organizer to Address Book and iCal on your Mac.

Step 3. To sync data on Mac with Android (or any other device) you will need to install SyncMate on your Mac. SyncMate syncs contacts and calendars for absolutely free:)


– Launch SyncMate.

– Create new connection with your Android device (Android can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB; do not forget to install SyncMate Module for Android on your device (link at

– Choose Contacts and iCal plugins in SyncMate and manage their settings.

– Sync your data from your Mac to device.

Voila! Your contacts and calendar entries are synced between SOHO Organizer and Android device.

Step 4. SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars for free not only with your Android device, but with other mobile phones (Windows Mobile and Nokia S40), other Mac and Windows computers, iOS devices, Google and Dropbox accounts and so on. The full list of supported devices and sync options offered for each of them can be found here.

So just create a new connection in SyncMate and you are ready to sync.

P.S.: Using some other Mac organizer? Let us know about it and we will test if it is compatible with SyncMate and talk about it on our blog.

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