Welcome all new Serial Splitter 5!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,The Company/Releases
03 Aug 2012, 10:55


We’ve been working hard since the release of Serial Splitter 4 to deliver new, better, more functional version of this software to you. And here we are, announcing Serial Splitter 5 release!

What new options were added?

* We’ve added the possibility to join several real ports into one virtual for their further automatic switching. This enables applications to get automatic access to the device which is free at the moment among several identical devices.

* You can now set permissions for real and virtual ports: allow or prohibit writing to and reading from other direction.

Users of OEM licenses can use the following functions for this:

– BundlePortSetPermissions – sets permissions for real or virtual port;

– BundlePortGetPermissions – gets permissions for real or virtual port.

* It is also possible to track by what application and with what parameters a virtual port was opened.

* Our drivers successfully passed Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) tests and are digitally signed by Microsoft.

* Internal drivers became more stable:

– data transmission between virtual ports was improved. This makes data transmission lossless and helps avoid application hanging;

– data transmission on multicore systems was improved. This helps avoid data distortion and transmission hanging;

– virtual ports creation now consumes less CPU resources, which is useful when multiple connections are created.

* Information for OEM licenses owners.

Service management via PIPE and Windows Registry is deprecated; Service can be managed via dynamic link library functions only.

* And starting from this version Serial Splitter will check for updates automatically.

The full list of all new options can be found here.

How to upgrade?

If you are a registered user of previous versions of Serial Splitter, you can upgrade with 50% discount (request it from here).

If you have purchased Serial Splitter during Grace period (i.e. July 2, 2012 – August 2, 2012) or own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee, send us your Order ID and we will send you the activation code for Serial Splitter 5 for absolutely FREE!

Have any questions or suggestions? Do not hesitate to comment here or send them to us.

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