PhotoBulk reaches Top 10!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software
29 Nov 2012, 15:12

PhotoBulk on the Mac App Store

As proud software developers, we cannot leave the fact that our app hits Top 10 without your attention :) Moreover when it comes to Mac App Store!

PhotoBulk, an app that was released just a couple of weeks ago, now rated #2 in Top 200 paid photo apps on the Mac App Store (US) (right after iPhoto!) and is on the first position in more than 20 local Mac App Stores. Congrats to our team and PhotoBulk users, we are pretty sure that’s a great result!

If you haven’t heard of PhotoBulk yet, this is a bulk image editor that lets you add text/image watermark, resize, and optimize hundreds and thousands of photos in moments. Find more details on PhotoBulk page.

Do not hesitate to check it out!

PhotoBulk on the Mac App Store

  • Bryan

    I just purchased PhotoBulk from the Mac App Store. I’m using a retina MBP. When I add a watermark to my images, PhotoBulk is sizing them “double.” My original image is 816 x 334, when the watermark is added (text watermark), the image becomes 1632 x 668.

    I’m using PNG, and the optimize is only set for JPG, and I have not set the resize option.

    I tried setting the resize option to half of 816, and to 816, but the new image is always double-size of my original.

    Please help, I really need this to work!


  • @ Bryan –

    Our testers have confirmed the issue that you encountered and submitted the corresponding ticket to our bug tracker for further investigation and fixing. The fix will be included in one of the forthcoming releases of PhotoBulk.

  • M. Dodel

    Just got PhotoBulk. I do a lot of bulk resizing and it would also be helpful to be able to rename them at the same time. Any chance you can add a sequential renaming function to PhotoBulk? For example my photos are named DSC_0001.jpg, DSC_0002.jpg … and I want them named 20130420EventNameHere0001, 20130420EventNameHere0002 …

  • Hello, M. Dodel!

    We are planning to add this feature in one of the upcoming releases. Stay tuned.