SyncMate Tips. Issue #11. Sync contacts/calendar in Google with iCloud

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01 Nov 2012, 12:50


Before the release of iCloud any Mac user could have his contacts and calendars automatically synced between Mac and Google account. But once you enable iCloud on your Mac, all data is merged to the cloud and is no longer located on your Mac, that’s why automatic sync with Google no longer works.

But we’ve got the solution for you – syncing contacts and calendars in Google account with iCloud for free is possible if you have SyncMate installed on your Mac.

Syncing contacts and calendars in Google with iCloud using SyncMate

Follow the easy steps listed below.

1. Install SyncMate

Of course you will need to install SyncMate Free edition on your Mac – the latest build can be downloaded from here.

2. Move your data back from iCloud to Mac

If you already store contacts and calendars in iCloud, you will need to merge this data back from iCloud to your Mac as SyncMate syncs only the data physically located on Mac.


Contacts can be transferred without any problem – just click “Keep contacts” button in iCloud dialog window.


When it comes to calendars, iCloud doesn’t allow transferring them back to Mac. In such case, you will need to sync them using SyncMate.

Just add “Cloud calendars” connection (use “Add connection” button), log into your iCloud account via SyncMate and sync calendars from iCloud to Mac (do not forget to choose this direction in iCal plugin settings).

3. Disable sync with iCloud

Once you are sure all data you had in iCloud were transferred back to Mac, please, disable contacts and calendars sync in iCloud preferences.

4. Add Google account

You will need to add your Google account as a new connection (if you haven’t done this before) – use “Add connection” button in SyncMate interface.

5. Sync Google account with iCloud via SyncMate

You will need to add “Cloud contacts” or “Cloud calendars” connection in SyncMate wizard (depends on what you want to sync – iCloud contacts or iCloud calendars) if you haven’t done this before and log into your iCloud account via SyncMate interface.

When you need to sync contacts or calendars in Google account to iCloud just sync them from Google to Mac and then from Mac to iCloud (or vice versa if you need to sync data from iCloud to Google account).

The main benefit of SyncMate is that it allows storing data in iCloud simultaneosely with keeping these entries on your Mac for futher sync with other devices, and for now SyncMate is probably the only tool that allows such type of sync.

Have any other questions about sync? Ask them here and we will highlight them in future issues of SyncMate Tips if it is something SyncMate can handle.

Enjoy syncing with SyncMate!:)

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  • Ivo

    Is there any chance that there will be soon a new version of SyncMate that works on OSX Maverick and that can local sync contacts?

  • Hello Ivo!
    Full version of SyncMate will be available this winter, beta version will be available earlier, and it will be free for everyone.
    You can found more information here:
    Thank you.