SyncMate Tips. Issue #12. Keep data in Google in sync with Outlook?

Alex Taylor in Free Software,iOS & iPod software,Mac Software,Mobile/Symbian Software,Tips & Hints
13 Dec 2012, 13:41


Syncing Outlook contacts and calendars with Google is so much easier than anyone could think and takes a couple of steps only. Of course if you have SyncMate installed on your Mac:)

How to sync Outlook contacts and calendars with Google with SyncMate

1. Install SyncMate

Firstly you will need to install SyncMate Free edition on Mac, it can be downloaded from here.

Contacts and calendars can be synced with SyncMate Free edition.

2. Enable sync with Outlook

You will need to enable autosync with Outlook in its preferences – this can be done in several clicks.

Once you enabled sync with Outlook, contacts and calendars on Mac will be in constant sync with Outlook.

3. Sync data with Google account

You will only need to add Google account into SyncMate connections (“Add connection” button) and sync contacts and calendars in Google account with Mac (and vice versa). Once the data is updated on Mac, it will be automatically updated in Outlook and vice versa.

Have any other questions about sync? Ask them here and we will highlight them in future issues of SyncMate Tips if it is something SyncMate can handle.

Enjoy syncing with SyncMate!:)

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