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Alex Taylor in Case Studies,Serial Port Communication
27 Dec 2012, 10:45


In this case study Carlos Alberto Fernandez, our constant client, describes how Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX simplifies the process of testing and debugging firmware he develops.

industry: firmware development

Using Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX in Firmware Development

Carlos’s company manufactures cards, smartcards solutions, and smartcard readers for over 16 years. They made the first SmartCard Driver Licence in the world in the 1995 and their smartcards readers are used in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Salvador, etc.

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for the software of this kind?

Carlos Alberto Fernandez: We needed a software to simplify the debugging process in our hardware, for sending commands and debug information in the same port. After this we will develop software to divide information in separate process. The debug information goes to log file and the commands to the software Master application. This process is very important for us and for our customers on the stage of testing our firmware.
Now we need to have two ports in our hardware: one for commands and other for debug. But with you software we need to have only one port in our hardware.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control by Eltima?

Carlos Alberto Fernandez: I knew your company and products and surfed your website for such kind of software.

Alex Taylor: Did you try other products for the same task before choosing Eltima solution? Why did you prefer our product?

Carlos Alberto Fernandez: No, your product is my first option and I haven’t found any other similar.

Alex Taylor: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Carlos Alberto Fernandez: When testing the firmware for the hardware solution we manufacture, we use a serial port for sending the commands and debug information. We use Eltima Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX to intercept the data stream, single out the debug information and then redirect it to our Master application for further analysis.


Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using Eltima solution?

Carlos Alberto Fernandez: We simplified the process of debugging and testing our hardware. Your product is excellent!

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