Welcome CleverFeed – brand new Google Reader client for your Mac.

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software,The Company/Releases
18 Jan 2013, 10:22


Have you ever wanted the most interesting news in your Google Reader to come first? CleverFeed makes it possible! CleverFeed is the smart way to read your Google Reader subscriptions.

How it works?

All you need to do is define what you are interested in and add these tags in CleverFeed. Once done, CleverFeed will sort all news you are subscribed to according to your interests.

You can train CleverFeed by liking or disliking the articles it sorts for you. The more news you rate, the more precisely to your liking the clever feed will be generated in future.

What makes CleverFeed outstanding is that it ranks RSS posts in real time (unlike other RSS readers), so be sure, you are getting the freshest and most interesting news immediately!

CleverFeed is currently in Beta stage, so if you have any suggestions or improvement ideas, do not hesitate to send them to us. CleverFeed is compatible with OS X 10.7 and higher.

Did we mention CleverFeed is FREE while Beta? It is. So do not hesitate to check it out!

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  • rolandt

    Great app! would like to have the choice to sort the feeds (ascending date) and feeds categories (manual, google reader order).
    Would be great to have an article open in the foreground in the browser, add remove ways to share feeds.
    What about translations in other langauges?

  • Hello, Rolandt!
    Thanks for your comments. We will keep in mind your features requests when developing the next version. Surely we are planning to translate CleverFeed in other languages. To start with, we will translate it into French, German, Italian and Spanish.