Welcome All New Serial Port Monitor 5!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,System Utilities
20 Aug 2013, 12:57

Serial Port Monitor 5

Great news for you, Serial Port Monitor users! This week we are coming up with an update!

For those who are new here, Serial Port Monitor is a professional and powerful system utility for RS232/422/485 COM ports monitoring. This program allows you to monitor, display, log, and analyze all serial port activity in a system. It will help you track down problems that may occur during development process, test and optimize different serial devices, etc.

So, the features for new Serial Port Monitor 5 are:

  • command-line options to configure data redirection at a new session start or when opening an existing one;
  • redirected file can be either split into a bunch of files or can be limited to user-defined size;
  • there is now a possibility to export raw data to a file in Terminal view;
  • the GUI was sped up and memory consumption reduced for Table, Line, and Dump views.


Serial Port Monitor also offers advanced filtering and search, professional built-in terminal and data exporting options. And all these amazing features are contained in a convenient and flexible interface. What’s more important, Serial Port Monitor is a complete software kit, so you don’t need any additional hardware to use it.

You can download a free 14-day demo here.

And we would like to remind you, that there are two separate editions of Serial Port Monitor: Standard and Professional. Make sure to check the differences in the comparison chart.


If you are a registered user of one of the previous versions of Serial Port Monitor you can get the upgrade with 50% discount – request it here.
If you own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee or have purchased Serial Port Monitor within Grace period (i.e. July 20 , 2013 – August 20, 2013) you can upgrade for FREE. Please provide your email address and previous order ID here and you will receive new activation code in return.

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