“USB Network Gate is definitely the best!”

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18 Nov 2013, 14:26


Lets have a look at the case study of Serge Gulin, student and developer from Russia, who describes how USB Network Gate by Eltima Software simplifies the process of developing mobile apps.

industry: mobile development.

Using USB Network Gate for mobile industry

Serge Gulin is a student, studying mobile development.

He uses various operating systems and platforms. Serge Gulin is developing software for a wide range of mobile devices – Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices.

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Serge Gulin: I was looking for high quality USB connection between my iPad, Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia and my Windows-based laptop with various operating systems running on virtual machine for testing, developing and deploying my own software.

Alex Taylor: How did get to know about USB Network Gate by Eltima Software?

Serge Gulin: I found it with Google, searching for certain software solution by phrase “usb over network mac, windows, linux”.

Alex Taylor: Did you try other products for the same task before choosing Eltima solution? Why did you prefer our product?

Serge Gulin: I have tried many products for this purpose. Have to mention that there are many different solutions, but USB Network Gate is definitely the best. It solves all my troubles with connecting mobile devices over USB to other operating systems running on virtual machine.

Alex Taylor: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Serge Gulin: I use it with Vmware ESXi and NoMachine virtual solutions. My laptop runs Windows 7, and virtual machines run different versions of Windows and Linux, Mac Mini works on 10.8. I work on my laptop at the university and connect to other machines remotely over OpenVPN.
I’m connecting mobile devices to laptop and developing mobile applications in native environment over NoMachine remote desktop and USB Network Gate.
That’s how it goes:
iPad/Nexus → My laptop (Windows 7) → OpenVPN → USB Network Gate and NoMachine → ESXi or Mac Mini → native environment on virtual machines OS or OSX.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using USB Network Gate?

Serge Gulin: USB Network Gate allows me to work with native environments from anywhere and develop mobile applications for various platforms from my laptop with ease.

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