Folx 3.2 brings back torrent client functionality

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10 Sep 2014, 08:48


We, at Eltima, are happy to announce the release of much anticipated new version of Folx. Folx 3.2 proves it was well worth the wait.

What is it that makes this release so special?

First and foremost, it brings back the torrent client functionality! With Folx 3.2 downloading torrent files and creating torrents for various trackers could not be any easier.

Apart from this, the new release retains the best of the previous versions, such as capability to resume broken downloads right where they left off; splitting downloads into threads to increase the download speed; integration with Quick Look and all Mac OS X browsers; improved technology of catching files for download and much more.

The PRO version of new Folx has been improved too. Here torrent client functionality has built-in torrent search. Enter a keyword in the application, and the list of relevant results from the extensive list of torrent trackers will be displayed to you within seconds.

mac_downloader (2)

That’s in addition to other benefits offered by PRO version:

  • Splitting files in up to 10 threads
  • Scheduling downloads and setting up the app’s behavior on the download completion
  • Regulating download speed
  • iTunes integration

Check out the new Folx!

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This update is absolutely free for all Folx 3 PRO users! Users of Folx 2 PRO get 50% discount to upgrade.

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