Long awaited Virtual Serial Port Driver 8 is here!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,The Company/Releases,Uncategorized
14 Jul 2015, 14:42

Virtual Serial Port Driver is one of the earliest products by Eltima Software! And now our team is proud to inform you that Virtual Serial Port Driver 8 has arrived!

Virtual Serial Port Driver is a solution that creates virtual serial ports and connects them in pairs via virtual null-modem cable. All virtual serial ports work and behave exactly like real ones, emulating all their settings. Create as many virtual port pairs as you want, so there will be no serial ports shortage and no extra hardware on your desk.

So, let’s see what you can do with the 8th version of VSP:

  • create ports for the current user session only;
  • RDP users are able to create port with the same name (e.g. COM1) in each user session;
  • enable automatic update of ports’ list, thus you can see pairs created in other user sessions;
  • instantaneous ports creation lets working with them even before PnP manager detects the newly added ports;
  • delete ports even if they are opened by other applications;
  • loopback pinout wouldn’t save for a ports pair after the system reboot.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.48.36 PM

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How to upgrade?

If you are a registered user of Virtual Serial Port Driver you can get the upgrade with 50% discount – request it here.

If you own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee or have purchased Virtual Serial Port Driver within Grace period (i.e. June 14, 2015 – July 14, 2015) you can upgrade for free.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.