Meet the exclusive Elmedia Player on the Mac App Store

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08 Oct 2015, 14:27

iconblogHello everyone!

It’s been awhile since watching videos became part and parcel of our life. As technologies develop, new ways of viewing videos come into existence. Various tools enable us watching and adjusting video clips and movies in multiple formats. However you would agree that it would have been ideal if there was a single application that would playback all videos regardless their formats.

Elmedia Player does just that. This universal media player for Mac can playback virtually any media file you throw at it, it supports almost all commonly used formats. Thanks to integrated web-browser it allows you to browse and watch online videos without bringing up another browser window. An intuitive interface is an extra benefit you will certainly appreciate.

Today we are delighted to announce the release of the app’s new version. It is free and available for download in Mac App Store.

Elmedia Player offers you options for the best playback experience.

They include:

  • ‘Open Online Video’ feature to watch videos on YouTube and other video hosting web-sites without intrusive ads;
  • Pinning video window on top of all other running apps;
  • Playback in fullscreen mode;
  • Aspect ratio change will help you fit image into screen;
  • Playback speed control – you can increase or decrease it and set it back to normal;
  • Flipping image vertically, mirroring it, rotating by 90/180 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise; you can always revert to original;
  • Opening a DVD disk or a video copied from DVD without conversion.

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That is not all, there are many features you might find helpful.
Elmedia Player has a PRO version available through in-app purchase. These are some additional benefits it provides you with:

  • Adjusting video color, brightness, and contrast settings;
  • Audio equalizer with presets – you can customize the sound for different genres, rooms at home, or specific speakers;
  • Advanced audio settings with virtual surround and speakers emulation, output device setting and transmission of AC-3/DTS through S/PDIF;
  • Convenient playback on multiple displays. You can tell the app what monitor should display a video in full-screen mode.

Just check it out!

EP on the Mac App Store