We have just released Elmedia Player 6.5 with AirPlay support!

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software,Multimedia/Flash Software,The Company/Releases
05 Apr 2016, 10:00

Our popular Elmedia Player just got a nice update – version 6.5 that adds AirPlay support to PRO version of the app. Now you can stream music and videos from any AirPlay device (Mac, iOS, Android devices) to Elmedia Player or you can go the other direction by streaming content from a Mac with Elmedia installed to another Mac with Elmedia or any other AirPlay app. Multiple handy options for excellent video files playback were added to new version of Elmedia Player too.

And not the we need to remind you, but don’t forget that Elmedia Player is pretty versatile supporting multiple formats including MP4, MOV, DAT, MP3, MKV, etc. and generally can play pretty much any file you throw in it.

Take a look at what we added:

Added: AirPlay support (content streaming to and from compatible devices) – PRO version;
Added: chapters support for MKV files;
Added: the ability to automatically switch to fullscreen mode on playback start;
Added: the ability to automatically close Elmedia at the end of playback;
Added: the ability to move forward frame by frame in a video that is currently paused;
Added: the ability to bookmark the current position in a video for quick access;
Added: screenshots can now be saved in JPG format – PRO version;
Added: screenshots can be captured at a predefined time interval (from 0.05s to 3500s) and frame by frame – PRO version;
Added: new localization: Dutch (Netherlands).

This update is absolutely free for all Elmedia Player PRO 6 users. If you own previous versions of Elmedia Player PRO, you can upgrade with 50% discount – just contact us.

Download Elmedia Player 6.5

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