Welcome SyncMate 7.3 – better, faster, more stable!

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21 Dec 2018, 13:30

We are pleased to inform you about SyncMate 7.3 release. We never stop improving our apps so here is an updated version of SyncMate with several errors fixed.

SyncMate 7.3 gives you improved support of macOS 10.14, so now you can be sure all data you have on your Mac, running the latest OS version, will be perfectly synchronized with any supported device or account.

We’ve also updated syncing with Google account. Not sure if you know about this, but Google has implemented new API and our developers did their best to add its support into this release.

We’ve also added several small improvements into video and file conversion processes, displaying texts on iOS 11-12 and syncing events with Microsoft services (Outlook online account, Office 365 Home and Business Editions).

About SyncMate in general

SyncMate is a powerful synchronization tool for Mac that allows syncing numerous data on your macOS computer with Android and iOS devices, online accounts (Google, iCloud, Dropbox), other Mac computers, any mounted or MTP devices and Microsoft services (Outlook online account, Office 365 Home and Business Editions).

SyncMate allows syncing personal data like contacts and calendar events between Mac and supported devices/online accounts. You can also sync any media files, folders, Safari bookmarks and lots more. Moreover, SyncMate allows mounting any devices as Mac disks and transferring data from Mac to device/account directly in Finder.

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