FlexiHub 3.4 – a new massive update! Log in to a FlexiHub account via Token across all the versions: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Alex Taylor in Remote access,The Company/Releases
07 Feb 2019, 12:05


Our team has worked really hard recently and we are proud to present FlexiHub 3.4! It is the latest massive update that introduces a brand new feature called Tokens, which is a renewed way of granting access to your account.

If you want to share your account with other users but don’t want to provide them with your email address and password, FlexiHub will let you create a token, a digital key that allows secure access to a FlexiHub account. Now remote users can simply enter a token instead of using your account credentials.

In this way, your confidential information is not shared with others and they are not able to log in to your User Cabinet and make any changes.

To create a token, just log in to your personal FlexiHub account on the official FlexiHub website, navigate to the “Tokens” tab and select “Create token”.

This new function is available across all the versions of FlexiHub: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Update 3.4 also brings lots of other significant functional improvements that will make FlexiHub even more stable and comfortable to work with.

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