FlexiHub 4.0 by Electronic Team, Inc. – More suited for Teamwork and More Versatile

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18 Jun 2020, 13:57


Starting from version 4.0, Electronic Team, Inc. has added an ability to have multiple FlexiHub users under a single Team Account which allows to securely share USB and COM port devices between the team members.

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Within the Team Account, each user will get his/her own “mini-account” which will have a number of benefits compared to the traditional personal subscription:

  • Access Control

    If a group of people needs to use FlexiHub, they don’t need to share a single personal account which would be much more convenient from a security and user perspective. With the Team Account, it is much easier to give/control access to a particular device by a particular user.

  • Fine-tuning

    Team Accounts allow adding/deleting the users at any time. What is more, it is possible to limit the max number of possible connections for a specific user.

  • Financial Benefit

    For a group of people, it would be more practical from a financial point of view to use the Team Account, since it is not necessary to purchase a standalone personal subscription for each user.

Want to know more about Team Accounts? Check out the online user manual.

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Please, do not hesitate to contact Electronic Team, Inc. if you have any questions.