Serial Port Monitor 8.0 comes with enhanced stability and improved performance

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,System Utilities,The Company/Releases,Windows Software
08 Jul 2020, 13:26

SPM 8.0

Today we are excited to introduce version 8.0 of Serial Port Monitor, a professional solution for sniffing and displaying serial port activity in your system. 

Whether you are testing a newly-created serial device, setting up serial equipment, or debugging your own serial app, Serial Port Monitor becomes a big help. It lets you monitor the flow of data passing through the system’s COM interfaces and makes it clear which data is going through which port. The software includes a built-in terminal and advanced IPR filters that allow tracking down only relevant serial port data. 

New Serial Port Monitor 8.0 is ready to support more of your needs thanks to a sleeker user interface and stability improvements it brings.  

Serial Port Monitor views

Updating to the latest release gives you a way to read and record COM port data even more efficiently. In Serial Port Monitor 8.0, we provide many bug fixes and stability enhancements which ensure the faster and better overall performance of the app.  

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Owners of the Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee can enjoy the new update right away. 

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