Elmedia 8.0 is Out!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,The Company/Releases
23 Jun 2021, 10:57

A major Elmedia release has shipped with much-needed playback options and increased compatibility.

The new version comes fully prepared for new M1 Macs. Innovative, powerful Apple hardware can now run it natively, boasting faster video decoding and transcoding than ever.

It hasn’t been long since Apple released AirPlay 2. Elmedia is hot on the heels, and it’s not just AirPlay 2 that got implemented. Roku compatibility, iPad and iPhone screen mirroring capabilities – yet more features that enhance Elmedia’s range of connectible devices.

The revamped interface, together with brand new playback options, ties it all together. It’s so much better with timeline preview thumbnails, a Picture-in-Picture mode, subtitles search and repositioning, and an audio visualizer.

Best of all – you can try it for free. What are you waiting for?

Download Elmedia Player