VideoDuke 2.0 Is on Its Way – Get Ready!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,The Company/Releases
27 Oct 2021, 11:23

VideoDuke is the most popular and the best video downloader app on the Mac market today. It’s loved and positively reviewed by both beginners and advanced users, thanks to its flexible modes. We’re always working to update and improve the app – and today we’d like to share some exciting news!

VideoDuke 2.0 has landed, with new enhancements and features to improve your downloading experience. Here’s what the latest update will bring.

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook compatibility were added – immensely useful functionality for social media users. Now you can save TikToks and Instagram pictures. Moreover, any video file can be converted to audio, making sure that you can always get an MP3 version.

Those who have just bought a new MacBook Pro will be excited to hear that we’ve added ARM support – this version of VideoDuke will run on the latest Apple M1 processors without any issues. The newest software is also supported – VideoDuke can be installed and launched on macOS Monterey.

We’re sure you already love VideoDuke’s interface, but we’ve decided that it’s time for a redesign. VideoDuke 2.0 sports an updated user interface, with a refined look that’s sure to please our users. A Mac video download can still be done in just a few clicks. Tell us what you think!

VideoDuke: Downloading all your favorite videos on Mac in a snap

When it comes to a video downloader, Mac users won’t find anything better than VideoDuke. This easy-to-use app helps you download videos from almost any website quickly and easily. You can download online videos from YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, Instagram, and the like. It’s full of convenient features, such as video search and browser integration.

VideoDuke allows you to choose from many video quality levels, up to 8K, so you can download videos for any device – whether it’s your Mac or your phone. Users can select one of two modes – Simple or Advanced. Simple mode lets you click to download without worrying about any complicated settings, and it’s ideal for beginners. Advanced mode is for those looking for more options, since here you can also download other files associated with a video, like thumbnails or subtitles.

Download VideoDuke 2.0

Why not download VideoDuke 2.0 right now and download your first two videos for free? Let us know what you think –  we love your feedback!