PhotoBulk converts images from BMP to JPG on Mac

If you upload images online – and who doesn’t these days? – it is likely that you will be asked to convert them to JPG/JPEG first. If you are not sure why and how you have to do it, read on. This small article helps you understand it.

Best image converter for Mac

We’ll start with a brief introduction of these formats: each of them is created for specific uses and has its own advantages and disadvantages. BMP stands for Bitmap, while JPG or JPEG – for Joint Photographic Experts Group, who created the format.

BMP images are not compressed, and they have a higher resolution as compared to JPEG images. Each pixel in a BMP image has its own specific color, and graphics in this format are said to be most suitable for images with limited number of colors.

JPG files support up to 16 million colors, employ lossy compression, i.e. the format is capable of analyzing what information is important for a particular image and retains it during the compression, while the information considered as being secondary is removed. Each time you save a file, some data is lost and it is not recoverable. The amount of data loss can be adjusted according to the image size, high quality corresponds to low compression and the other way round.

While the human eye usually does not see the difference between the compressed and uncompressed images, their size can be dramatically different - the former images are much smaller than the latter. That is why JPEG is the format preferred on the Internet, and if you have a camera you would notice that images stored there are usually in JPEG format. A note: if you are trying to free up some space on your hard disk, converting your BMP images to JPG for storage could be a good idea too, unless you are really particular about retaining the quality and resolution of your pictures.

Now, what would be the best way to convert JPG to BMP Mac owners could make use of? All you need is a decent piece of software – a good Mac image converter to do the job for you. Actually a Mac batch image converter would be a better option, considering that we usually have a lot of images to work on. With a batch image converter Mac users can process hundreds images in one go, thus saving themselves a lot of time and effort.

We would suggest using PhotoBulk – this image converter for Mac is compact and at the same time really powerful. The way it can convert BMP to JPG Mac owners will certainly appreciate.

This graphic converter for Mac is easy-to-use too, this is how it works:

Convert bmp to jpg
  1. Download and install the application, launch it.
  2. Select files you need to change JPG to BMP. Mac allows you to drag-and-drop them to the app’s window and you can see the number of files selected.
  3. Click ‘Optimize’, then “Start” button. Once you specify that you need to convert BMP to JPG, Mac and the app will process your batch of pictures in a matter of seconds.

Looking for the bulk image converter Mac owners love to use? Go for PhotoBulk. With this image converter Mac users can change hundreds of images from JPG to BMP, BMP to JPG. Mac application indeed – lightweight, powerful and easy-to-use.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 12.62MB free space
Version 2.2.270 (14th Sep, 2019) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication
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