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Torrent downloading is exciting and lets you enjoy more unique content, however it is not quite easy to grasp for everyone. You probably know that the speed of torrent downloading greatly depends on the number of seeders sharing this content. Sometimes you even have to wait for days until someone starts sharing content through a torrent you downloaded.

For those who appreciate faster speed of downloading, ByteBX is a great service that will download torrents to an online storage from where users can download them later to their computers.

Basically, ByteBX is a free file hosting website which allows saving torrent files to the website to be able to download them later on a computer with the help of a download manager. Such download manager is Folx - a powerful torrent client that is highly efficient and supports new torrents creation so that you can share your own content with others. Folx also supports magnet links.

And in those cases when you want to skip keeping a torrent in the cloud, but want to download it directly, you can also use Folx.

ByteBX free alternative on Mac.

If you are interested in more advanced features for torrent downloading and management, you can upgrade to Folx PRO. This version allows you to:

  • Use its search tool to look up a torrent file on many trackers at a time without having to leave Folx and visit each tracker separately. Some of the supported trackers are:,,,,,
  • Download at the best possible speed with either automatic or manual speed adjustment to keep all other apps on your computer functioning properly.
  • Schedule your downloads at the most convenient date and time.
  • Save your login details for favorite websites, torrent trackers, FTP servers. Free Folx will save up to two entries.
  • Send the downloaded videos and music directly to corresponding Music (former iTunes) playlists as soon as they were downloaded with Folx.

Enjoy your ByteBX free alternative for Mac and all the unique and exciting torrent content it can fetch you!


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.09MB free space
Version 5.14.13922 (29th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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