Sharing data between Coolpad and Mac

Our cell phones became a significant part of our life. We take a lot of photos and videos, work with different applications, download different programs, watch movies, save a lot of other information, share it with our friends and colleagues. Nowadays, there are a lot of phones running Android and iOS. And if there are no difficulties in connecting phones with iOS to Mac then with Android there is the whole different story.

So if you are a fan of Android phones, but also have Mac the questions of how to access Android from Mac is familiar to you. Let’s take, for instance, Coolpad company, that is among the largest smartphone companies in China. In 2013, Coolpad became the 9th largest smartphone maker in the world, with 6.8 million devices. The latest Coolpad smartphone running Android 7.1.1 with 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM and has 3GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor. So, if you want to know how to make Coolpad file transfer in a seamless way you can find the answers below.

How to connect Coolpad to computer

The first option is to install a special program called Android File Transfer. After launching the program, a window with all the folders, files and subdirectories of your device appears on the screen. Unfortunately, the two-window mode is not supported in this app, so you'll have to open the Finder window for transferring files between Coolpad phone and Mac. The program works quickly, automatically opens when you connect Coolpad to computer, shows all files and folders, including subcategories.

Android File Transfer app

The second option is to install another powerful Android file transfer Mac solution called Commander One. Unlike Android File Transfer, the app offers dual-panel interface that make it convenient to use. Commander One makes your Coolpad phone file transfer fast and easy, as the app supports MTP connection.

Coolpad file transfer

Apart from this feature, the app offers such things as work with archives, connection to popular cloud services, built-in file viewer, unlimited amount of tabs, and a lot of other cool and interesting things.

With Commander One make file management like a piece of cake and check how seamlessly you can connect Android to Mac.

Commander One

Requirements: MacOS 10.10+ , 37.59MB free space
Version 2.4.1(3173) (13th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: Utilities