Connect Huawei to Mac and sync data between devices

Looking for a trustworthy solution to be able to connect Huawei and Mac and sync them? We absolutely recommend you try SyncMate - a popular reliable synchronization application that helps you connect Huawei to Mac.

SyncMate is a swift, secure, and well performing software to connect Huawei to Mac. It offers multiple automatic options to sync data on Huawei device and Mac computer.

Interested? Feel free to read further to learn all interesting details about Huawei Mac connection and how SyncMate handles it.

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About SyncMate

About SyncMate

Our Mac to Huawei connect software has many options to offer you and will easily transfer contacts, calendars, images, videos, audio files, and more between computer and mobile device. Good news is, SyncMate supports many other Android devices too.

How to connect Huawei and Mac

It is rather easy with SyncMate - it only takes a moment to map Huawei smartphone as Mac disk and gives you an advanced possibility to browse and manage files on device in your Finder app: copy, move, or delete files with your mouse cursor.

macOS Finder features for your Huawei

Not only can SyncMate sync Huawei and Mac, but once connected you can also use all familiar features of Finder app for your Huawei files: relocate many folders at a time, copy files to many folders at once, archive several files together, etc.

Contacts and Calendars

Never worry about missing an important event or forgetting someone's email only because you are away from your computer. Connect Huawei to Mac with SyncMate and have contacts and calendar events up-to-date on both sides.

Let the music be your guide

Got some really catchy playlists on Mac and want them transferred on Huawei phone? No a problem, if you are using our Mac to Huawei connect software - SyncMate will sync your music from Mac to Android Huawei so you can sing along wherever you go.

Manage photos and videos

SyncMate performs a high-quality image and video synchronization between Huawei and Mac and offers you the possibility to change image resolution and convert videos to other formats before you transfer them.

Send texts from your Mac

When sending a text is a more polite option, but requires quite some typing to do, you can use our Mac Huawei connection app and type your text messages on your Mac keyboard. Moreover you can fully manage your SMS messages on Mac - view, create, send, delete, export to TXT, CSV and HTML and search through the messages.

Sync folders and files on Mac and Huawei

Now that you've learned how to connect Huawei to Mac, you'll be pleased that you can move entire folders from Mac to Huawei and vice versa. A little hint from us: create a folder for all the files you wish to keep up-to-date between Mac and Huawei phone and just drop them in this folder to always have the files available on all synced devices.

Integration with Apple apps

SyncMate takes its tasks seriously and offers secure and direct communication with the synced apps on both computer and mobile device, that is Address Book and Contacts, as well as Music libraries on both devices, without sending synchronized data through any clouds or third-party apps.

Cherry on the cake

Whatever you have decided to synchronize between Mac and Huawei device, you can set up SyncMate's automatic features so that you can always have everything up-to-date without having to do a thing.


Still kicking around the idea of a software for Huawei Mac connection? We recommend you not to wait, but to download free SyncMate and put its splendid features to a good test!

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