Data center companies enhancement - the guide for data center technician

Almost every company of significant size today has complex IT infrastructures composed of a huge amount of specialized hardware and software. To store their business-critical applications and information, organizations run powerful data servers housed in properly outfitted rooms. Designed to work with big amounts of data, such servers are vital to the continuity of organizations’ daily operations. It takes companies constant monitoring, maintenance and support to keep their IT equipment performing at best capacity.

Data center companies enhancement

The challenge of remote access to data center servers

Because every company’s success invariably depends on the proper operation of its IT infrastructure, the ability to remotely access its hardware and software components becomes particularly important.

A serial port is a standard way to access data center equipment and applications. That means, to make configuration changes or upload new firmware, data center technicians need to connect to COM interfaces embedded on data servers. However, it does not seem productive and cost-efficient to visit remote equipment cabinets with a serial cable and laptop.

What would be convenient is if any member of the operations staff could have instant access to the company's most remote data servers no matter where they are located.

A dedicated port redirection technology able to virtualize any COM port and share it over the network is the simplest way to achieve this.

Efficient solution to share data center equipment over the network

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) is a unique solution that allows forwarding COM-based devices over the internet so that they become accessible to multiple users at a time. The technology can be easily integrated into the operating system of any data server. Provided with port redirection support, the server will be able to transfer data across the network to an unlimited number of remote computers. That means the administrators of data center companies get the ability to access and monitor the required equipment over any distance without the need to be physically present near the hardware.

Efficient solution to share data center equipment over the network

The benefits you get with data center networking technology:

Eltima Port Redirection Technology lets administrators access equipment wirelessly over LAN or the internet, which eliminates the need to build a network of adapters and connectors throughout the enterprise. This allows companies to significantly reduce equipment costs. Integrated into the core of a data server, EPVT provides a host of benefits, including:

  1. Full access to all data stored on remote servers. EPVT makes it possible to work with the same server from several remote machines at a time.
  2. Completely secure network connections. Protection of data transfer with advanced encryption.
  3. EPVT allows creating an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and handling large data flows. You can easily manage all the required equipment over the network, as you are not limited to the number of serial ports available on your adapter.
  4. The manufacturers of data center hardware can improve their equipment by adding advanced remote access functionality. This way, server providers can gain a significant advantage over their competitors and attract new customers.

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