Deinterlace Footage on Mac and get Rid of Interlaced Lines

Olga Weis

So what's deinterlacing? Probably you know that already, but we'll put it here for those who may not know yet. It is the conversion process of an interlaced video (common analog TV signals or DVDrip) into a non-interlaced form. Deinterlacing helps eliminate such visual objects like edge flicking, jaggedness, line crawling,
blur, etc.

The cause of the issue lies neither in computer configuration nor in the quality of a media player you use or a camcorder problems. It is determined by the way of a video image scanning.

A good software solution capable of handling such issues will offer a set of deinterlacing methods that you can try and implement for this or that type of video.

Elmedia Player offers several methods that you can access on the right click:

  • None: no deinterlacing.

  • FFMpeg: FFmpeg deinterlacing filter will deinterlace the chosen segment by processing every second line with a (−1 4 2 4 −1) filter. FFmpeg deinterlacing is a hybrid method that combines blend and linear methods working specifically with even fields. This method can suffer from a bit of lost resolution, fast moving object can appear as if a "ghost" is following it.

  • LPF5: vertically applied FIR (finite impulse response) lowpass deinterlacing filter processes the lines of the chosen segment with a (−1 2 6 2 −1) filter. It lets through the signals below a cutoff frequency and weakens the ones above the cutoff frequency. This method reduces moire patterns and helps bypass twitter interlacing.

  • Blend: linear blend filter processes all the lines of the chosen segment with a (1 2 1) filter. This is a quite rough method as it mixes data from half-pictures and blends a full picture out of them. This method is only suggested for true interlaced videos as it may result in fluid movements, blurred image and ghost-like trails.

Deinterlace MP4 on Mac and deinterlace AVI on Mac with Elmedia Player

  1. Download the latest version of Elmedia Player and install on your Mac.
  2. Download Elmedia Player
  3. Open the video that you are going to deinterlace in the player.
  4. Open the video
  5. Go to Preferences → Video →"Deinterlace method" and choose one you think will work best for your video. Elmedia Player
  6. Experiment to see which is the most suitable option and which one will produce the best result.
Deinterlacing option offered by Elmedia

The video deinterlacing option offered by Elmedia solves the playback issues, it doesn't fix the video permanently, however it is quite sufficient for the majority of viewers and is easy to perform. Right-click on the video opened in Elmedia to add subtitles, adjust aspect ratio, fix audio and video delays. Enjoy a great quality in this great player!

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Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 36.64MB free space
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