First Eltima’s Project in Swift

Peter Wood in Swift
27 Nov 2014, 19:52

Remember me telling about Eltima’s new thrilling project in the beginning of the summer? Good news! Our team is getting closer to alpha, and what we are doing right now is adding secondary functions and bugfixing.


It was decided to write the new project in Swift. Swift certainly has its pros and cons as any programming language.

I’ve defined the following cons:

  • Each xcode beta version brought internal language changes, so we had to fix the code to match the new version.
  • We had to use sometimes Objective-C, as Swift did not let us do all the things we wanted.
  • Performance of an app written in Swift is still lower than of an app written in Objective-C, so that’s why we had to use Objective-C code sometimes.


  • Swift is a new language featuring many handy tools for speeding up the development, like enums, pattern mathing, generics, tuples, property observers and others.
  • With Swift you can finally get rid of certain things which were used barely for compatibility with C/C++ and Objective-C (define, attribute syntax).

Since a programming language is merely a tool in a programmer’s hands, the handier the tool is, the more productive a developer can be. By using Swift in a real project, we gained a useful and interesting experience. That we can say for sure.

New Awesome Product

A few words about our new app. That is an impressive and ambitious project. But we won’t tell you any more details at this stage, as alpha and beta tests are still ahead. We hope to release public beta version be the end of the year. Cannot promise you anything specific, as we have tons of work to do yet.

We’ll tell more details about the project, as well as our challenges, once the alpha testing is completed.

Stay tuned,
yours Peter Wood

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