Using Commander One with SFTP server for Windows

Peter Wood in Products
22 Feb 2016, 12:08

With the release of Commander One, our two-pane file manager for OS X, we have realized that some of our users run Apple devices on the client side and Windows on the server side. In order to help those particular users we have tested some SFTP servers for Windows to verify they work well with our software. Server!

Among the various options available on the market, Server! stands out both in terms of security and ease of use. You can literally set up a very secure, PCI and HIPAA compliant, SFTP server in 5 minutes, with automatic configurations for the most common use-case scenarios such as maximum security, legacy client support, or highly optimized backup target. And the more advanced users will enjoy its support for Active Directory, scripting, event-handling, and above all its automatic self-protecting and self-healing capabilities.

Enjoy the power and flexibility of Server! coupled with Commander One, and deploy your own robust and reliable turn-key secure file transfer system.

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