How to connect to DigitalOcean via
FTP on Mac

Olga Weis

Not that you don't know what FTP is, but let's talk briefly about what it is and how to make the most out of your FTP storage and your DigitalOcean account. So, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol – a standard Internet protocol for transmitting files between the computers over TCP/IP connection. File exchange can be performed among computer accounts, a desktop computer and an account, or one can access their online software archives. You have the possibility to download, upload, transfer, copy, rename, and remove files on an FTP server. Most of the servers require you to log on with your login data, but some allow anonymous access without a user account.

DigitalOcean is a highly popular service of cloud computing designed for developers. Once you create an account there you can smoothly manage the infrastructure with easy deployment, great SSD performance, an intuitive API, and so on. A professional and efficient service it can be managed in even more effective manner with a Mac FTP client.

So let's see how to use FTP for Mac

DigitalOcean via FTP

Which best FTP client for Mac to choose, and how to mount FTP on Mac as network drive?

We highly value a high-quality yet accessible FTP mount options, because they allow us to be much more efficient and fast. Once you are on the web searching for your Mac mount FTP app you can use such search words as 'Free FTP client Mac', 'FTP software Mac', 'free FTP for Mac', 'FTP Mac OS X'. However be very attentive to what results you are getting and test the software before you invest, if you decided on a paid solution. Let's take a close look at the CloudMounter solution that is a great FTP program for Mac allowing you to map FTP as drive and fully manage its contents and transfer files as easy as if it was all local. Everything is conveniently done in Finder app.

DigitalOcean via CloudMounter

CloudMounter for Mac OS developed by Eltima Software is a lightweight tool that helps mounting your cloud storages and web servers on your computer as local disks. You can map FTP as local drive as well as Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, OpenStack and WebDAV servers. CloudMounter integrates with Finder in the sleekest way for the best experience of working with online files directly from the latter.

CloudMounter allows you to save your login details for faster access, however for the security reasons it won't store your data but rather have macOS Keychain keep everything safe and secure.

All in all a great FTP Mac OS app with great performance and security level.

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 3.4.546 (8th Sep, 2018) Release notes
Category: System Utilities