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Isn't it great that you can save any file from the Internet directly to your hard drive and have it all to yourself even when not connected to the Internet? Users can download videos, images, music, and more from the web. When the files you are downloading are quite small, your favorite web browser will do the job, however bigger files like FLAC, MOV, PDF, AVI, MKV, MP3 are not that easy to save with a web browser.

Folx is a high-quality and reliable download manager for Mac OS that will download any file you need in a timely manner and then neatly organize it and will also help you find the even if the download happened a while ago and you can't remember the file's name. Folx will do this all for free!

Folx also offers the possibility of catching all downloads automatically or just pick up those corresponding with the filters you set up.

Here is why Folx is a perfect solution to download FLAC file on Mac:

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 76.1MB free space. Version 5.13.13908. (27th Nov, 2019). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
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  1. You don't want to deal with a breaking Internet connection and start your large download over and over again. This won't happen with Folx as it resumes all downloads once the connection is back on.
  2. Downloading with free Folx can be faster thanks to splitting of downloads in 2 threads.
  3. Folx is great at managing your downloads. It allows you to assign tags to each download so you can find it any time later no matter which folder it was saved to.

For those who like their downloading process being carried at an advanced level, there is Folx PRO available for a reasonable fee.

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Here are some of the perks you are getting with Folx PRO:

  1. The downloads can be split in up to 20 threads to achieve a faster speed.
  2. The downloads can be conveniently scheduled and even if you are not at the computer at the time of completion, you can set up Folx to quit, or system to shut down or go to sleep.
  3. Automatic speed adjustment lets Internet resources be allocated properly among all the apps using the bandwidth on your computer. This way you can proceed downloading even while working on some other projects requiring Internet connection.

Follow the steps below for FLAC file downloading on Mac:

  1. In the main menu of Folx choose File → New Task.
  2. At the top by the search bar click the + icon to customize your download task.
  3. There paste the link to your file, assign a tag or tags (if you feel like it), optionally apply other customization settings. Click OK.
FLAC on mac

Some facts about FLAC format

    FLAC file extension stands for a Free Lossless Audio Codec. This is an open source audio compression format that can compress an audio file twice down its size.
  • Despite a high compression rate, this codec is lossless, meaning no sound quality is lost, which makes this format stand out compared to MP3 or WMA.
  • Mac OS works with Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files well.
  • A FLAC Fingerprint file can be generated along with the FLAC file itself. The fingerprint file contains the filename and checksum info for a FLAC file. Such files will usually have the extension ".ffp" or ".ffp.txt".
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