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Isn't it great that whatever you find on the great web, you can get right to your hard drive and enjoy it without Internet connection. It can be images, music, videos, and other file types. However there are types of files that can be not as easy to download, which includes MKV, MOV, PDF, MP3, etc.

We mean not as easy to download by means of a web browser, but it can be easily done with a proper download file manager. Let's take Folx for example. It is a versatile download manager that can download any types of files big or small. You just have to paste the link into Folx and everything will be done for free. Folx can be also set up to catch downloads automatically or you can set the filters to catch certain downloads only.

This is why it is a good choice to download MKV files with Folx:

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  1. You won't be affected by an unstable Internet connection. Folx easily resumes interrupted downloads.
  2. Free Folx can split the downloads in 2 threads to speed up the downloading process.
  3. You can manage your download flexibly and tag the downloaded content for easy location of the files even if it's been a while and you don't remember the exact file names.
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There is also PRO version of Folx available for a reasonable fee. Folx PRO offers extra features for more advanced downloading and download management whether you are downloading MKV files or any other type of files:

  1. Splits the downloads in up to 20 threads.
  2. Allows scheduling the downloads and choosing the app behavior when the downloading is finished: quit Folx, switch off Mac, or switch it to Sleep mode.
  3. Smart Speed option enables automatic speed adjustment according to the current Internet usage on Mac by other apps. This allows allocating your Internet bandwidth properly among all the apps you are using.

This is how to save MKV to MacBook Pro and other Macs:

  1. Go to File → New Task in the main menu of the app.
  2. Click the + button in the upper part of the main window.
  3. Paste the link, assign a tag or more, and press Enter.

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Some facts about MKV

  1. MKV format is flexible and open standard, and has quickly become the first choice of an extension for high definition video on the Internet. An MKV container may store video, audio, alternate audio tracks, multilingual subtitles and chapter points, as well as metadata like cover art, ratings, descriptions.
  2. The MKV video format is quite popular in the anime fan-subbing community thanks to its support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks in one file.

After you download MKV you can play them in Elmedia Player for Mac.

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