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The realization of the fact that you can download various files you come across on the Internet is fantastic. Anything can go straight to your computer for you to enjoy it even when there is no Internet connection or even if the original file gets deleted from the web. You can save video files, music, images, etc. quite easily with the help of a web browser. However downloading such file types as .psd, .m4v, .mp4, .mov, .pdf, .avi, .flac, .mkv, .mp3 can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially if your Internet connection breaks due to various reasons.

Let's take a look at Folx - an easy to use and rather efficient download manager for Mac that can download any size of files you need. No matter if you have to leave a network and connect to another one - same download will still be carried steadily and there will be no need to start it all over again. To download MP4 file on Mac with Folx you just need to paste the link in it and Folx will do the rest for free.

Here is why Folx is so great for MP4 file downloading:

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 76.1MB free space. Version 5.13.13908. (27th Nov, 2019). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
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  1. You don't have to be worried about an unstable Internet connection.
  2. Faster speed can be achieved thanks to splitting the downloads in 2 threads.
  3. You can tag your downloads according to their content for a proper placement and easy location of any file even if you can't remember its exact name.
  4. You can set Folx to catch all downloads automatically or choose filters for selective downloading by download manager.

For those who want an advanced level of downloading and file management there is Folx PRO that is a paid version of this download manager.
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Here are some of the perks you are getting with Folx PRO:

  1. Folx PRO is able to split the downloads in up to 20 threads.
  2. The downloads can be scheduled at any time working out the best for you and even if you are not at the computer when Folx is done, you can set the app up to quit, or system to shut down or go to sleep mode.
  3. Speed can be automatically adjusted depending on how much traffic other apps require at the moment with the possibility to schedule download speed at a specific time.

Here is how to save MP4 video to Mac with Folx:

  1. Choose File → New Task in the main menu of the app.
  2. At the top of the app's window by the search bar click the + icon to open task customization window.
  3. Paste the link to your file, if needed assign a tag or tags to the downloaded file, optionally apply other settings. Then click OK.

Brief facts about MP4 format

  • MP4 files are multimedia files that will usually store a movie or a video clip, but may also contain images or subtitles.
  • You can come across MP4 files when downloading videos or using a DVD ripping app to save a DVD to your computer.
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