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When you need to download a tiny image from the Internet, you probably go for your browser downloading capabilities, however if the file you need to save is substantially bigger (like PDF, AVI, DMG, or else) then it may be smarter to trust a download manager to handle this task.

Folx knows exactly how to download PDF from website on Mac

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Check out Folx download manager - the perfect tool to save PDF from Chrome on Mac, download PDF in Firefox on Mac and the app that definitely knows how to download PDF from Safari on Mac. To download with Folx you'll just need to paste a link into the app and click the Download button. If the file is large and Internet connection is suddenly gone, you won't need to worry - Folx will resume the download whenever Internet is back again.
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  1. It won't care if you have an unstable Internet connection, it can resume right from where you left off.
  2. Free Folx can split downloads in 2 threads to increase the downloading speed and fetch your files faster.
  3. Folx also allows for an efficient download management with its unique tagging system - you'll locate your downloads any time easily, even if you downloaded it a long time ago and can't remember the exact name.

  4. Free Folx provides you with essential downloading services that are very much needed. For more advanced downloading possibilities you can opt for Folx PRO that is available for a reasonable fee.

Here is what Folx PRO can do:

  1. Folx PRO can split the downloads in up to 20 threads to speed up the process.
  2. The downloads can be scheduled according to your preference and convenience and then you can choose the Folx behavior upon finishing the downloading: quit the app, switch off the system, or switch it to sleep mode.
  3. With Smart Speed feature speed can be adjusted automatically so that Internet traffic is allocated properly among other apps that you may be using too. You can schedule specific download speed at a specific time.

Follow the steps below to download PDF file on Mac:

  1. Select File → New Task in Folx main menu;
  2. Click the + button at the top of the main window;
  3. Paste the link to your file, choose a tag (PDF, or Important Docs, or whatever helps you find the file whenever needed) and hit Enter.
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Brief facts about PDF

  • PDF format is an industry standard for tech documentation and many books.
  • PDF file can be opened on pretty much any computer or a mobile device, which is rather convenient as it can be accessed from anywhere without the paper bulk.
  • Mac OS works with Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files well.
  • PDF documents can usually contain text, images, and actually video and audio clips too.
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