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If back in the day we were able to call watch 144p videos and consider that’s standard quality, things have changed dramatically. Today, High Definition (HD) videos are a must and most people won’t even watch something pixelated and of low quality. That’s natural since with the advance of technology and Internet speed, the video quality has improved and we reached the stage in which 4K is broadly distributed on TV. But what do you do when your Internet connection is not enough to stream these high-quality videos? The first thing that should come to mind is to use an app to download videos HD on Mac. And if you thought of that, you’re already on the right path. In today’s article we are going to tell you all about VideoDuke and all the features it delivers so you can easily download YouTube videos HD on Mac.

Download videos HD on Mac using VideoDuke

  1. VideoDuke as the best app to download videos HD on Mac
  2. How to download HD videos using VideoDuke
  3. Downloading Full HD videos at a glance
  4. Guide on how to download HD music videos
  5. How to download videos in different resolution
  6. Learn more about HD resolution

1. VideoDuke as the best app to download videos HD on Mac

VideoDuke is more than just an app allowing you to download videos of any quality. It’s a complete multimedia studio that gives you full control over fine tuning the videos you download so that you have the perfect resolution and exactly the format you desire. Of course, just like with any other software out there, you won’t be able to download videos HD on Mac with VideoDuke if the source video is low-quality. There’s no app out there that can magically improve the quality of a video since that’s extremely hard to achieve and also a lengthy process. However, as long as high-quality videos are available online, you can use VideoDuke to download anything you want. It offers you a range of quality between 144p to 1080p for any website out there and the quality can go up to 4320p for YouTube videos. This allows you to easily download HD music videos and store all your favorites offline.

2. How to download HD videos using VideoDuke

Using VideoDuke to download videos HD on Mac from any website is simple and straightforward. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve prepared a guide with all the steps you need to follow.

  1. Install VideoDuke on your computer after downloading it from our website.
  2. Run the app once it’s installed and navigate using VideoDuke’s interface to locate the video you wish to download.
  3. Once you’ve done so, switch over to the Video tab and pick your desired resolution before downloading - 720p is the recommended resolution for HD.
  4. If you already have the URL for the video, you can simply paste it in the search box and get the download started.
  5. In both situations, your video gets saved in Downloads - > VideoDuke, the default folder. To choose a different location for your videos, click on the Save downloaded files to option in VideoDuke’s preferences.

3. Downloading Full HD videos at a glance

Having covered the steps to download HD videos on your Mac using VideoDuke, let’s turn our attention to doing the same with Full HD materials. As you may imagine, the steps are similar, however we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

  1. Download VideoDuke from our official website and install it on your Mac.
  2. Run the app and then choose the website you want to navigate on.
  3. Locate the Full HD video you want to save on your computer and then go to the Video tab. Here you will just have to choose the resolution before starting the download - 1080p is ideal for Full HD.

  4. mac app to download HD videos

  5. You can also shorten the process is you already have a link for the online video you want to download. Just paste it directly in VideoDuke and the process will start faster.
  6. Just like with our previous guide, the file is automatically saved to Downloads - > VideoDuke, however, you can decide on a different destination by going to Preferences - > Save downloaded files to.Save downloaded files to.

4. Guide on how to download HD music videos

Downloading HD music videos can be easily done from YouTube or any other music video streaming service. We’ve listed the simple steps of doing so below:

  1. Start by installing VideoDuke on your computer.
  2. Run the app and access the website where the HD music video is located.
  3. Before you can download HD music videos with VideoDuke, you need to select the resolution by going to the Video tab.
  4. It you want to download even faster, you can directly grab the URL for the video and paste it in VideoDuke. This method will also allow you to choose the desired resolution before downloading.
  5. The final HD music video is saved under the desired format in Downloads - > VideoDuke. Go to the app’s preferences and click on Save downloaded files to if you want to change that.

5. How to download videos in different resolution

If you want to download videos HD on Mac at any other resolution that the standard HD or Full HD, VideoDuke does that as well. Just check out the steps you need to follow to do so.

  1. Add VideoDuke on your Mac by downloading the installer package.
  2. Access VideoDuke and start looking for the video you wish to download.
  3. After you identified the source video and made sure it has the desired resolution, you can go to the Video tab and pick the needed resolution. You can choose to download at any resolution between 144p and 1080p for other websites apart YouTube. For YouTube videos you can go up to 4K.

  4. downloading HD video mac

  5. The video you want will be saved in Downloads - > VideoDuke and it is also possible to change this folder. Just click on Save downloaded files to button in VideoDuke’s preferences.

6. Learn more about HD resolution

To understand what is HD resolution, we need to go back to the term of resolution itself. The way resolution is constructed is by counting the number of pixels in length and width. What we recognise as HD resolution now is a 1280 x 720 pixels, also known as 720p. Of course, that’s just the standard HD because you can also talk about Full HD at 1920 x 1080, also known as 1080p. As you could probably tell already, the number of pixels on the width is the indicator. Just like with the 4K that comes from the 4096 pixels. As mentioned earlier, you start from standard HD at 720p and work your way up to Full HD, WUXGA, 2K, Quad HD, Ultra HD and then the big guys, 4K, 5K and even 8K.

Know you know all about HD resolution, the different types of resolution you can expect to find and how to download videos HD on Mac. We warmly recommend VideoDuke as the best tool to download HD music videos out there due to all its features and the amazing features it offers. The best part is that you don’t have to take our word for it as you can use the two free downloads to test its power.


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