Eltima created Airy to back up your personal media content for offline viewing and storing. If you are planning to back up someone else's content, please, be aware, as a user, you are completely responsible for any potential copyright issues.

best YouTube video downloader

YouTube is the most powerful and the biggest video resource right now. You can find absolutely everything here, from cat videos to serious scientific conferences. And the situation when you are dying for some video and want to watch it over and over is quite familiar to everyone. But what to do if the video was deleted by its owner? End of the world? No, you can simply download it to your computer. Here comes Airy YouTube video downloader turn, that helps to solve the issue.

Also available on Mac
  • Download Videos

    Just a few minutes separate you from having your favorite shots saved on your computer and have an instant access to it whenever you want it. Isn't it cool?
    First two downloads are free with trial version of Airy.
  • Choose Preferred Quality

    Grab a video from YouTube, select a quality and resolution of your choice, convert videos into MP3 format
  • Extract Audio

    MP3 extracting option to save only the sound but not the video.
  • Easy and effective

    Make Airy part of your web-browsers to simplify downloading from YouTube.

With Airy app you can do the following:

Save any YouTube video to your computer and have 24/7 access to watch it.
Convert YouTube video to MP4, FLV, 3GP formats and download it in resolution you need.
Extract the MP3 sound out of the video.
Download as many videos as you want (with purchase license).
Have a full access to YouTube videos even if they were deleted from the source.

Let’s get started

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    You can get Airy for Windows from our personal store from $19.95
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    If you own a license for previous version, you can upgrade with 50% off.


  • Airy for Mac

    Download YouTube videos, choose video quality & resolution, convert video into MP3 format.