How to edit JPG and PNG files on Mac

Nowadays photos are a significant part of our lives. We take them anywhere and anytime with the help of our smartphones, tablets, and cameras, share them with our beloved people, family, and friends via modern means of communication or by posting them in our blogs, forums, etc. There exist a great number of digital image formats. However, the most widely accepted by most of the websites is JPG and PNG. And here comes such questions as What do you know about them? Why are they accepted by the websites?

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Let’s take a look at these two formats

A file with the extension JPG also known as JPEG is a format created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group and belongs to the category of bitmap images. This extension is commonly used in the great majority of digital cameras. Up to the present JPG file is the most common graphic format of a compressed image. JPG uses a rather high compression ratio, nevertheless, it can boast a color depth support of 24 bits. A great number of web developers use images in JPG format because there is a possibility of reducing the size of the picture without serious loss of quality and shades.

A file with the extension PNG or Portable Network Graphic refers to bitmap images as well. The PNG format contains a certain palette of colors used in the drawing. Such graphic format is often used in the network of the World Wide Web. Due to the use of the Deflate compression algorithm, bitmap images with PNG file extension are available for compression without obvious losses in quality. Among the owners of web resources, PNG images are famous for their excellent characteristics against the background of such formats. It is also worth noting, that PNG supports a color depth of up to 48 bits.

Ok, now when you are a bit familiar with these two formats, let’s go further. Definitely, there exist thousands of reasons for editing photos before uploading them online but with a great variety of editing software for Mac on the market, it is no longer a problem. The only thing that is left for you is to choose the most appealing to you that would satisfy all your needs.

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Have a closer look at such minimalistic app, called PhotoBulk that in its turn can offer you the most handy features no matter if you want to edit JPG on Mac or whether you want to edit PNG on Mac. Even more, the app also supports such highly used formats as GIF, BMP, TIFF as well as HEIC. It is worth mentioning that PhotoBulk is a bulk image editor with the help of which you can not only resize and optimize photos just in a couple of clicks, rename multiple photos, select the output format of the photo, but also it offers 5 different types of watermarks which can be placed separately, as well as all together on the photo. With the help of “Lock” option, you can retain watermark size proportional to each photo and never have a fear that the watermark would be bigger or smaller than it should be or even migrate to another place. Also, for your convenience, you can create your own presets, thus saving your precious time.

PhotoBulk is a great edit JPG Mac solution as well as PNG one, as the app uses smart compression technique resulting in saving the quality of the output images and proceeding optimization without any losses. Give PhotoBulk a try and have fun editing photos.


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