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Videos are so informative, be it for pleasure or for work. We can watch movies, extreme sports in HD, music videos, and more. If you are one of those people who want high-quality 4K/8K videos, downloading them might be quite an issue, as those files are huge. Files like these will definitely put your bandwidth and downloading speed to the test.

The best fast video downloader for Mac is a must to download HD videos from YouTube and other websites. In this article, we’ve gathered the best and fastest video downloaders for Mac. We’ve tested all of them and listed their pros and cons, so all you need to do is to choose the one that fits your needs. Enjoy reading.

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 24.24MB free space. Version 1.5.257. (16th Dec, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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For all those that are looking for a fast downloader for Mac, VideoDuke should be the number one choice. Through it, you get instant access to video streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. However, this is not all that VideoDuke can do. This fast video downloader Mac-optimized tool lets you decide on the video resolution and format or download subtitles and bookmaker your favorite videos as well.

Best video downloader for mac

Another top feature of VideoDuke is the browser integration that makes it extremely easy for you to quickly download and video on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. With the browser integration, you will get a download button on each of these websites so that you can download all your favorite videos with a press of a button. Also, you can choose between the Simple and Advanced mode when downloading with VideoDuke. The advanced mode will allow you not only to download all your favorite videos but other resources from the website such as images or scripts. Click on the ‘All resources’ tab to get started!

If a fast video download Mac software is what you want then you should definitely check out the Elmedia Player PRO. You will become a download master when using this software and no video will be out of reach. You can choose your prefered format from a dozen options like MP4, VLV, MKV, AVI, MOV, M4V or SWF. Elmedia Player PRO is an excellent YouTube downloader, allowing you not only to download videos and music from the platform, but also subtitles and entire playlists so that you can listen to them offline.

Another option to download video fast on Mac comes from the Apowersoft and their dedicated downloader. The videos you download with Apowersoft can be saved on multiple devices like an iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Kinds, PSP or HTC one. Of course, the list of devices this software is compatible with does not stop here, however, we mentioned the most popular out there. Get all your favorite videos in high resolution and multiple formats with an app designed to deliver the best results. While it is true that the interface could use an upgrade, the functions are not affected by that.

Not really competing for the best fast video downloader for Mac award, the Total Video Downloader is a tool worth mentioning for its versatility. It works with the most known media streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or Vimeo and you only need to copy - paste the URL to start the download.

Using the 4K Video Downloader you will be able to download video fast on Mac from a lot of websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr or Vimeo. It allows you to save the videos in various resolutions and formats, an interesting option considering it comes for free.

Another viable option for those looking for a video downloader for Mac, Video Grabber can be used on a lot of popular websites to download the videos and also convert them to MP3 to listen to the audio. It has a straightforward interface and you can also use it to download videos with subtitles and watch them offline afterwards.

Downie does an excellent job when it comes to downloading and converting videos to different formats. It can support a wide range of resolutions up to 4K and thanks to its built-in compression system, the videos are not huge even when the resolution is high. It works with YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or Instagram.

ClipGrab is another excellent alternative to download videos on your Mac. You can use it on many websites and it offers different formats to choose from when you download. No matter if you want to get your video in WMV, MPEG4, OGG Theora or OGG Vorbis, you can use ClipGrab and get the job done. During testing, some formats did not work properly, though.

What is a video downloader?

Simply put, a video downloader is an app that allows you to perform a digital transfer of videos from the platform they are posted online to your own device. There are multiple such applications available online and most of them come for free, however, those will not always guarantee the best results. All the apps that we enlisted above were tested and you can be sure that you will get the best service possible when using them.

And since you now have all the info regarding which are the best video downloaders for MAC OS X, the quest of saving any video you like on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion or Vimeo is a lot easier than before. Just take your pick and start downloading.

How did we rate the apps on the list?

You are probably wondering how did we establish the order of the apps presented in this list. Well, we are more than glad to share this information with you since we only aim to deliver complete information for our readers. Here are the most important attributes we took into consideration when deciding on the apps to get on the list:

  • Features - we wanted the apps to have as many features as possible. For example, VideoDuke allows you to save video and audio, you can navigate the websites directly from its interface, it can be integrated with the browser and also can double as a player.
  • Compatibility - all the apps presented are compatible with most operating systems and browsers. For example, VideoDuke works on iOS and can also be integrated with Mozilla, Chrome or Safari.
  • Operating System Support - for an app to stay fully functional, it needs to be perfectly compatible with the Operating System and its updates. All the apps in our list are designed keeping that in mind.
  • Updates - since there are new protocols, formats and data transfer system that are being used by the media streaming websites, all apps need to be constantly updated by their developers. You can count on all the suggestions we made to be up to date.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 24.24MB free space
Version 1.5.257 (16th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication