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Nowadays, the software market is loaded with various YouTube downloaders. It is apparent that each and every application has its own unique features, distinct advantages and disadvantages. With so many to choose from, it's not easy to figure out which software will be the best fit for you.

Fastest YouTube downloader for Mac promises to boost your average download speed by 5 times. Another amazing feature of the software is that it gives you the ability to watch videos from YouTube at any time on devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. Not only can this application flawlessly download YouTube videos but it also supports converting movies into AVI, WMV, MPEG, DVD and MP4.

Regrettably, Fastest YouTube downloader app has been getting a lot of bad user reviews about their experience with the software lately. With a growing number of dissatisfied users, we were forced to find some solid fastest YouTube downloader alternatives. Here are our top picks from today's best software to download
YouTube videos.

Airy App for macOS

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Requirements: OS X 10.9++. 14.87MB free space. Version 3.9.218. (14th Jul, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 811+ users, Reviews(885)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Airy is undoubtedly the best alternative to the Fastest YouTube downloader for Mac. The solution is light, quick and easy. You are to be thrilled to pieces about its cool features, high performance and user-friendly interface. This great app downloads YouTube videos in various formats including FLV, 3GP, MP4 and MP3. Airy makes it really easy to download not only videos, but also playlists, channels from YouTube directly to your Mac. It also extracts audio from a YouTube video and saves it as an MP3 file on your computer. Unlike most other downloaders Airy for Mac will get any YouTube private video you want.

Here is a short instruction on how to use Airy YouTube downloader:

  1. To start, you should download the software on your Mac. After using the first two free downloads, consider upgrading Airy to the PRO version to benefit from all the powerful features it has to offer.
  2. Copy the URL of a YouTube video, playlist or channel you would like to download and insert it into the Airy main window.
  3. Choose the file format you wish to save your videos in or select MP3 if you need the audio file only. Please take into consideration that downloading multiple videos from YouTube at once might take some more time. Though it very much depends on the quantity of videos.
  4. Press the “Download” button.

This software has proved to be a more-than-capable replacement for Fastest YouTube Downloader for macOS. Elmedia Player is indeed a reliable solution that can easily download videos not only from YouTube but also from various other popular websites, including the world’s top social networking sites. It can output YouTube to MP4, 3GP, FLV, WebM, MP3, etc. or/and extract audio in MP3 format only. This program supports downloading YouTube video playlists as well. You can also use Elmedia for playing all the movies and audios you download or/and store on your computer. Moreover, you will definitely enjoy the benefits of AirPlay using this amazing application for streaming your audio and video content.

Step-by-Step guide to download YouTube videos using Elmedia Player PRO:

  1. Begin by downloading Elmedia program and activating its PRO version with the code you’ll get immediately after the purchase from Eltima official website.
  2. Set the browser mode by choosing “Window” → “Browser” in the main menu.
  3. Paste the URL and click “Enter”.
  4. Select a video you’d like to download in the section below. Click “Download”.
  5. Decide on a format of the video you want to save and choose the required one from the drop-down list. To select an audio format, go to the “Audio” tab.
  6. Unless specified otherwise, your Downloads folder will store all the downloads.

FastestTube App


It’s a convenient YouTube downloader tool that is easy to install and use. FastestTube opens and downloads Youtube videos in all available formats. This Kwizzu software allows you to choose your preferred video quality that won’t be changed even after downloading. With this program you will easily be able to save YouTube videos in HD. The app might also be helpful if you want to remove popup ads from YouTube videos as well. You can integrate this Kwizzu solution into all popular browsers, such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. FLV and MP4 are the most commonly supported formats by FastestTube.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions

Nowadays, a lot of popular web browsers support the ability for extensions to be installed to download and save videos on your computer. Here are the best extensions currently available:

The easiest way to download YouTube videos to your computer directly from Safari is to install the extension YouTube5. It can also serve as a replacement for YouTube player. YouTube5 offers support for Vimeo and Facebook videos, volume control and the ability to switch video resolutions among other cool features. To download a YouTube video, you should right click on the needed resolution and choose ”Download linked file” from the drop-down menu.

Browser extensions

There is also a YouTube video download extension for Chrome web browser as well. Use the "Download" button that is usually below the video playing on YouTube whenever you want YouTube Video Downloader to start saving videos to your Mac. You can select the video format for your videos to be downloaded into or/and convert the movie to MP3 format. It only works with the clips up to twenty minutes long, for longer ones, consider another solution. And there you go, easy as pie.

ClipConverter combines the functionality of a video downloader and converter. You’ll be impressed with its fast download speed and ease of use. This software is capable of downloading YouTube videos in various formats, including the audio format as well. ClipConverter works well with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MySpace and Metacafe. All you need to do is copy and paste the movie URL into the corresponding field and select the required media file from the list. Unfortunately, ClipConverter doesn’t download or convert entire movies, it can only process a part of a video file.

How to convert and download a YouTube video with ClipConverter:

  1. Paste the copied YouTube URL into the 'Video URL' field and press Continue.
  2. Select the format you want (MP4, MP3, M4A) and options for the conversion or just start up using the default settings.
  3. Click the “Start” button.
  4. It will take some time for ClipConverter to download and convert your video. After the conversion is finished you can download your file by pressing the
    “Download” button.


Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 14.87MB size
Version 3.9.218 (14th Jul, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication