Access fire control panel over the network

A present-day fire safety system consists of a multitude of devices and software that together form a complex technological chain. Each component of the system performs its unique function and interacts with other elements. This allows detecting fire at the early stages and warning people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, or other emergencies arise.

In large factories and enterprises, fire-protection systems can include large networks of devices located at a great distance from one another. To test and maintain all components of such a system, safety engineers aim to install reliable monitoring software able to access fire control panels and peripheral devices remotely. For developers of the dedicated software, the biggest challenge lies in creating a special technology that will redirect data from remote devices to the central computer over serial channels. As practice shows, development of a custom port redirection technology is a costly and time-consuming process. So, we’d like to tell about the solution that can significantly simplify this task.

Access fire control panel over the network

The advanced technology of remote access to fire alarm control panels and fire detection systems

If you’re looking for a flexible and efficient solution for remote monitoring and controlling of fire safety systems, Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) is probably the best choice. The technology is designed to redirect serial data over any distance, which means you’ll be able to access and commission a fire detection system form any remote computer. EPVT can be easily integrated into both fire-protection hardware and control software.

By providing a fire safety system with the built-in remote access capability, you automate the process of control over all its elements. Thanks to EPVT, you can easily operate remote fire panels, monitor their technical condition and reset errors if a remote module has gone off accidentally.
Remote access to fire alarm control panels
The technology is compatible with all major platforms and can be fully customized according to the needs of any specific fire-protection system. Integrated into fire alarm software, Eltima Port Virtualization Technology allows a fire safety engineer to recognize the remote panels’ signals on their local computers no matter how far away the PC is from the equipment.

Major benefits of integrating Eltima Port Virtualization Technology into fire-safety systems:

  1. Implementation of the virtualization technology in fire-protection hardware and software improves the functioning of the whole integrated fire system. EPVT allows specialists to monitor the operation of all remote control panels in real time and provide quick responses.
  2. With EPVT, you gain a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of fire control software solutions coming without the remote access feature.
  3. Eltima Port Virtualization Technology opens new opportunities, as it lets you establish communication between a wide range of serial devices and platforms. EPVT is great for collecting data from large networks of fire control devices into the single location (e.g. central computer) for analysis. More than that, the technology makes it possible to split a single data stream into several ones or join separate serial data flows into one stream. That means the required data can be shared among multiple computers at a time, and you’ll be able to access the same control panel from several remote machines simultaneously.
I'm a fire alarm engineer dealing with commissioning of fire control panels. I was after a solution that would help me support multiple customers from home without giving them system commissioning software. I planned to share client application with all of my customers and have server application on my commissioning software.

This was made possible thanks to Eltima Port Virtualization Technology! Now my customers just access their panels with their laptops without commissioning software, give me a call, and I'm accessing to panels through the customers’ PCs


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