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FLV (Flash Video) is a file format for viewing video content online. Usually when watching a YouTube video you may not realize it, but it is FLV. A YouTube FLV downloader for Mac allows you to get that video and save it to your computer to watch it offline. Look at FLV YouTube downloaders described below to see which one will work best for you.

Elmedia Player PRO - YouTube to FLV downloader for Mac

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a popular free media player for Mac. Its PRO version can download videos from many websites, not even just YouTube, but pretty much any website. You can open from the player with its built-in web browser and choose which videos you'll download:

  1. Download Elmedia and activate its PRO version. For that paste the activation code in player that you can purchase from official website.
  2. Go to Window → Browser in the main menu.
  3. Enter the link to YouTube video and press Enter.
  4. Now to download this video, from the list under the video select the file you want to download and preferred format: FLV, MP4 or other.
  5. Click Download. All downloads are saved in your regular Downloads folder unless you set up a different location in player's preferences.

Click the "Play" button right next to downloaded file to play it locally in your Elmedia Player.



Airy is a dedicated YouTube to FLV downloader. It doesn't support any other resources, it's job is to download from YouTube. Additionally to saving FLV videos, it can save YouTube videos as MP4, MP3, etc. You can pause and resume downloads in this app.

So here is how to download FLV from YouTube on Mac with Airy:

  1. Download Airy and activate its licensed version with activation code. You can buy your copy of Airy from its official website. Free Airy offers 2 downloads.
  2. Copy and paste the link to YouTube video, playlist, or channel in Airy.
  3. Choose what file format the videos or audio files will be saved to. Choose MP3 if you only need to save soundtrack without the actual video. Remember that the more files you are downloading simultaneously the more time it may take.
  4. Click the Download button.

All downloads are saved in your regular Downloads folder unless you set up a different location in Airy's preferences.

Online solution

You can also use an online FLV YouTube downloader service. For example, you can use This free service can save YouTube videos in various formats. However as with all free services some issues may arise from time to time: sometimes the needed video doesn't load or online service can be down at that very moment when you need to download videos.

If you are aware of other efficient solutions, you are welcome to share in comments.

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