running application as service in Desktop Interaction Mode(Read 2671 times)
Hi Friends,
  I have one of my applications that I need to run as a service in Desktop Interactive mode.
We used Run Service Active X & it did the trick of converting the app as a windows service.

However the service keeps running in system tray in task bar & does not function unless someone clicks on it  & opens it up on the desktop.

I believe the service is running in No Desktop interaction mode? Any possible reason on why the service starts functioning when its out of system tray & is on desktop, & does not work when its still running as a service sitting in system tray?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


Re: running application as service in Desktop Interaction Mode Reply #1 on: June 19, 2013, 03:00:40 PM
In order to start service interactively you should change InteractWithDesktopChanged property of your service. More information about this property you can find here:

Also make sure that Interactive Services Detection service is running.


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