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SyncMate 4.1 & iPhoto Smart Albums on: October 23, 2013, 10:47:24 PM
I'm trying to sync my MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.5 with a Samsung Galaxy S4 I545 via MTP & USB.  I was able to successfully transfer a small iPhoto album (14 photos), for which I selected the 640x480 conversion.  But now, I'm trying to get a much larger Smart Album (Last 12 Months) with 209 photos.  Yesterday, I tried Syncmate 4.0, but today, discovered the 4.1 update.  The wheel is spinning for a VERY long time.  I understand the conversion process may take a while, but hours???  I thought USB would be faster than wifi, but maybe not.  Any thoughts?

Re: SyncMate 4.1 & iPhoto Smart Albums Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 11:09:03 AM

You are right, the USB is the fastest method for syncing and converting process. And you are also right that conversion is rather consuming process, however it should not take so much time. In order to troubleshoot this question, try selecting the "Activity log" plugin, from "More options" area, before pressing "Sync Now" button in SyncMate. This way you will see the actual software activity in the real time, while it performs the conversion and syncing. Thus, in case if it hangs or fails, you will see the actual problem in the log.

Please, try this, and let us know the result.
Thank you.


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