SyncMate does not work as advertised on HTC Desire HD running Android 2.2(Read 14417 times)

I purchased your software three days ago and as yet have not been able to use it with any degree of success and certainly not as advertised.

I bought SyncMate after trying The Missing Sync, both products advertise they are able to sync Android 2.2 devices and both do a very poor job unfortunately.

After purchasing SyncMate 3 in order to sync between my MacPro running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and my brand new HTC Desire HD running Android 2.2 - I installed the SyncMate software and was unable to get it to sync my iTunes playlists, the error being reported was that SyncMate was unable to determine the remaining available space on the 8Gb MicroSD card (there was over 5GB free)

Further reading the Eltima FAQs suggest that a conflict exists between the Missing Sync and SyncMate so the Missing Sync was uninstalled both on the Mac and phone and the relevant kext files were also found and deleted, then SyncMate was reinstalled, still no joy...

1. The card is not locked and files can be freely dragged and dropped onto it using Finder.
2. There was over 5GB of free space yet SyncMate was unable to determine this in several attempts over two days.
3. Tried both USB and WiFi connection.
4. It only managed to connect twice with any success and start sending files (which had been set to convert first) only half the files that were transferred were converted the remaining were still the original large mp4 files which quickly filled up the card so there was no remaining space.
5. Deleting the files from the phone and resetting up SyncMate only to find that it did not recognise that I wanted to reconvert the files again and only allowed a cached version to Sync resulting in large files again.

I ended up dusting of my old copy of Tune4Mac and manually converting my playlists and handballing them over the the phone.

Thoroughly unhappy with this product and would like my money back, however Eltima seem unable to respond to any support mails either.

Further to my above post, have since also tried to sync my bookmarks - the action seemed to have went ahead - I got a green tick to say it had sync‘d, yet opening the Android web browser finds - surprisingly - no bookmarks added...sigh. This isn’t a great experience Eltima..

In fact, SyncMate supports Android 2.2. based mobile devices.

Please, contact us at support[at] and provide the following additional information so that we may take a closer look at the current issue:

1. SyncMate Activity log during file conversion and syncing

2. Snapshots of SyncMate's "iTunes & Video" plugin so that we can see your settings

3. Snapshot of "Safari Bookmarks" plugin configuration in SyncMate

4. SyncMate Activity log during bookmarks syncing

Thank you.

If it doesn't work, I think that is all because of iTunes movies are protected by DRM protection. At this point, you can use an iTunes video convert to remove any DRM protection. You can learn more here.

Its running 64bit, OS X 10.7.5, latest updates.
Just reinstalled. Still not working.
Version 3 worked like a charm for me.

We are sorry for the problems that you've encountered with our software. In order to help you, would you mind providing us with the additional information?

1. What device are you syncing?
2. What type of data did you try to sync?
3. What plugin do you use? Send us a screenshot of the plugin configuration.
4. Describe the exact sequence of your actions and which response you receive from SyncMate.
5. Send us an Activity log after the actual sync attempt (click "Show log" -> "Send to technical support" -> enter your email address and leave a few comments).


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