Syncmate 5 Beta does not recognize exceptions to recurring events > duplicates(Read 3837 times)
I'm using Syncmate 5 Beta, iOS7 and Mavericks. I have a recurring event every Friday at 9:30 a.m. that changes once every 6 weeks to 9:00. Other exceptions happen if Friday is a holiday and the appointment is moved to Thursday. Syncmate 5 Beta does not recognize these exceptions and re-creates an normal Friday event in both iMac and iPhone >> leading to duplicate events that have to be manually weeded out.... Where does one report problems with Beta?


Unfortunately, the difficulty you've encountered is related directly to peculiarities of Mac OS Calendar. When single instances of the recurrent event are edited in Calendar, the changes (excluded dates, for example) are synced from Mac to others Macs only. On other devices, as well as Google account, changes will not be applied after the sync. However, this issue occurs only when editing single events in the chain of recurrent events. Global recurrent event changes, like editing the "repeat until" date, are synced without problems.

Sorry for possible inconveniences, but it is technically impossible for us to avoid such behavior.

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