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Problem Config. Serial To Ethernet Connector Linux on: April 15, 2015, 02:53:40 AM
I tried to update the Serial To Ethernet Connector for Linux and it still fails. The manuals are not easy understanding. Linux is the serial port server. I would like to pass me the commands to my configurations stay like this:

Server Mode
Serial Port: /dev/ttyS0
TCP Port: 5001

Advanced Settings
   Defaults Port Settings:
      - Baudrate: 9600
      - DataBits: 8
      - Flow Control: None
      - Parity: None
      - Stop Bits: 1

Network Protocol Settings
   * Use Telnet Protocol
   - Notify Remote host on local port settings change
   - Allow changing local port settings (real ports only)
   - Send "Keep Alive" every 7 sec if no replay, then every 1 sec

Signal lines states when connection is not established:
   - DTR ON
   - RTS ON

Signal lines states once connection is established:
   - DTR ON
   - RTS ON

Allow or deny changing certain signal lines states when using Telnet:
   DTR Allow
   RTS Allow

Security Settings -> Disable

I will be very grateful. Knowing how to make the first connection, the others are intuitive.

Re: Problem Config. Serial To Ethernet Connector Linux Reply #1 on: May 20, 2015, 01:17:53 PM
If this is still relevant, here is how to create a server connection on a real serial port:

evesec call /SEC manager createConnection string:"/dev/ttyS0" boolean:false uint32:0

And to set a listen port:

evesec set /SEC/__dev__ttyS0/net listenPort uint16:5001

For details on configuring other options, please refer to the user guide:


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