FlexiHub causing BSOD when used with USB camera(Read 7499 times)
FlexiHub causing BSOD when used with USB camera on: November 26, 2016, 02:48:32 PM

today I tried to use FlexiHub to connect my inbuilt laptop webcam to my desktop PC. It works great, but after about 1hr of usage I got a BSOD on the desktop stating "POWER_STATE_DRIVER_FAILURE". I have never experienced this BSOD prior to installing FlexiHub, therefore here I am.

The laptop is a Sony Vaio series, it was plugged into power with automatic sleep mode disabled, with just FlexiHub and internet browser (firefox) open on a static page, idling.
The desktop was running FlexiHub and internet browser (chrome) with Twitch stream open, along with Steam, Skype, Open Broadcasting Software and several other applications running in the background. Both computers use Win 7 x64.

Any way to prevent the BSOD?

Re: FlexiHub causing BSOD when used with USB camera Reply #1 on: November 29, 2016, 09:47:16 AM
Can you please update to version 3.0.10119, which we released yesterday, and should the problem persist, email us at support@eltima.com a small memory dump generated as a result of the crash? - Those are normally created on every BSOD occurrence and are by default stored under C:\Windows\Minidump.



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