Commander One Pro: long delay when remote storage not accessible(Read 2900 times)
Hello Team,

I often need to work with multiple VPN connections (and i can not control split tunnel), and noticed that my local FTP/SMB shares which are then not available are freezing the application for a long time. Also one finally it's detected that local share is not available i have to click 3 times to accept it then wait again and another 3 clicks. Moreover all windows instances on my Commander One pro freeze then.
Is there any option for more aggressive settings ? I would like to have it disconnected after 1 max 2 seconds of freeze and would be nice that i do not have to confirm that many times (+not all instances are freezing).

P.S I really like your product - nothing better on MAC OS X ;)

Hello Michal,

We appreciate your thorough commentaries concerning this case. We have taken all mentioned into account and we will try to improve the performance of Commander One in such cases in the future updates.

Thank you Annet !


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