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Folx Features Request on: September 24, 2017, 02:51:22 PM
Please consider adding the following:

- Mass editing of tags for files. I am usually adding 10-20 torrents and I'd like to select all, right click and assign a tag to them. Now I have to double-click each torrent, delete or add a tag, press ok and repeat for how many torrents/files I have.
- Add option to check or uncheck auto-start of torrents when drag-drop of .torrent files is used. Right now if I add say 50 torrent files, they all get the Other tag and are auto-started. I want to add the torrents and then set the tags for each and then start them when I want
- Add right click menu for multiple selections of files. Right now if you want to re-check multiple torrents you have to right click each one and use the option. We need the option to use Force Re-check on selections
 - Add option to mass relocate files/torrents. If I want to move the download location of multiple torrents I have to do each one by hand.
- Modify the torrent search feature to accept wildcard attributes. Right now the search function behaves as an Any type of search. So if I search for "house music free" for example it will show all torrents with "house", all torrents with "music" and all torrents with "free" in their title/description. The search should be changed to contextual so that we can narrow down searches to exactly what we need to find. So either add filters to the search field or go the Google way with using " + - & tags.

All the above features already exist in any Torrent clients (with the exception of search of course). I use folx mainly because of the smart option for it to set download location based on tags. But besides that, the features that are in Utorrent, for example, are missing entirely in Folx.


Re: Folx Features Request Reply #1 on: October 03, 2017, 03:54:34 PM

I have passed your suggestions to our Folx team. We may consider adding these features in the future releases.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or suggestions concerning our products.


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