Commander One feature request: "context menu" and "open with" shortcut(Read 1468 times)
Hi! Thank you for commander one, it's a tremendous help!

Apart from the favorites menu mentioned in another topic, I find two other areas which seem to impossible to access from keyboard: the context menu (right click on a file or folder, on windows we have a dedicated context key for that, on linux that usually works or some filemanagers fall back to shift+f10). Is this possible top open this menu without mouse or tocuhpad?

The other one is the open with dropdown menu. I even tried to use macos's builtin help (command locator), but that one can't select submenu items.

Is this clear? Do you think it can be forwarded to the devs? Probably the context menu is easier with an already existing UI, for the open with I'm not sure. Thank you!

As for the option to work with the menu without mouse or touchpad, there is no such feature in Commander One.
However, you can modify the settings in the Mac OS, please see the following page how to proceed:

As for the question how open with dropdown menu, I'm sorry but it is not quite clear. Please describe your request with more details.

Hi! The accessibility change feels like a hack to me, I'd rather avoid it.

The "open with" item is in the file menu. It opens a submenu where I can choose an app to open the selected item with. This menu is available through the context menu which is again inaccessible from the keyboard. Yes, I can open the top bar with a keyboard and navigate to the "open with" submenu, but that's pretty cumbersome.

I would like to assure you that this is not "a hack". This is the functionality of OS.

As for your question regarding "open with" item in the file menu, you can go to the main menu (and then to File -> Open With) using hotkey ctrl+f2.

Please refer to the following page to get more info how to assign the hotkey to access the menu:


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